Carol Cunningham, Administrative Assistant

Carol has been part of the St. Jacobs Naturopathic Clinic for the past eleven years and enjoys all aspects of its philosophy and level of patient care that the practice embraces. Her introduction to naturopathic medicine began very early as her mother was an innovative thinker regarding the world of health.

Carol grew up near London, England, then moved to the north for teacher training, mountaineering, caving and assorted adventures! Several car renovations later, she returned south to teach for a number of years. Carol’s family travelled Europe over many summers, so it wasn’t a surprise when adventures wider afield took her to Africa. She taught at two schools in Kenya which changed her views on what’s important and really necessary, became involved in the East Africa Safari Rally, climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro and enjoyed every level of experience that it threw at her. She then met and married a rugby player! 
Now settled in Canada with two sons, she is the essence of a multicultural Canadian family of four flags – everyone was born in a different country. Carol is committed to her involvement in early years literacy programmes in elementary schools and handles the ‘behind the scenes’ role of their family business. One calendar isn’t enough to cope with her busy family life as it is certainly full and active!