Natural Ways to Cleanse Your Lymphatic System


The lymphatic system is a complex drainage system.  It plays an important role in fighting infections and absorbing excess fluids, fats, and toxic waste material from your entire body.  A lack of exercise, illness, drug therapies or digestive imbalances can clog the lymphatic system and cause health issues.  Fortunately, there are many natural ways to cleanse your lymphatic system and improve skin issues, arthritis, cellulite, headaches, colds, sinus infections, fatigue, digestive disorders, joint pain/discomfort, and overall health.


Dry Brushing on a daily basis improves lymph flow and gives your whole lymphatic system a boost. Before you begin your shower, dry brush your skin with long strokes towards your heart.  Use a natural bristle brush with a long handle to reach all areas on your body. Begin at your feet and move up the body, brushing several times in one area, and overlapping as you go.  Take care with pressure, as you brush over more sensitive areas and skin.  Once you have brushed your entire body, recommended 5 minutes, enjoy your rejuvenating shower!


Alternative Therapies offered at Back In Balance, such as manual lymphatic drainage and acupuncture, stimulate lymph circulation and flow.  It is a great idea to have a lymphatic treatment at the beginning of each season to boost your body’s immune system and overall health!


Any questions about your lymphatics, please see Catherine, RMT CDT/CLT!